When you are organising a festival you are going to need a smart and solid system for ticket sales and attendants registration. There are many platforms available but most of them are expensive, complicated to use, have inferior quality or all of that! Tixxy Festivals is the perfect middle road!

Because of our extensive experience and knowledge of organsing events we have managed to design this tool in a way everything you require is there. In an easy to use way, with a high quality standard and at an affordable rate. Affordably The Best, is what we stand for.

A complete and user friendly registration system

Over the past few years Tixxy, the free registration system has been developed by using a lot of real life experience into an end to end and user frie...

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Why to use tickets and scan them for access control

Tixxy recommends the use of actual hardcopy tickets because it increases the experience of your event for the attendants. We will always offer you the...

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Instant export files of lists of participants

Using the export functionality on the Tixxy platform you can export and download lists of participants from the platform to a CSV file with only a few...

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Entrance and Registration fees directly on your account

Because of our partnership with PayU it is very easy to link your event with this payment provider. The only requirement is that you create a PayU acc...

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Direct QR codes linked to your registration page

Each event you create in Tixxy automatically receives a unique QR code that you can use for marketing purposes. Once a person uses the QR code he or s...

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