Tixxy for Sports associations

As a sports association in South Africa you are probably dealing with two separate types of visitors and spectators to your matches; spectators or supporters that are non-members and members, directors and media. currently you are probably managing two separate databases to manage and register their attendance to your events. This is probably done via a stand alone tickets sales system and your (internal) member registration system (CMS).

By using Tixxy this complicated administration is no longer! If you use Tixxy for Sports Associations you simply integrate these two systems into one. A unique combination.

Your benefits? Your volunteers and stewards have to spend less time before, during and after the event to manage and check access control and verify & scan tickets. And besides that; after the event you have all the relevant information and data available to verify who did and who did not attend, guaranteed! You can also add sponsors to your ticket sales portal and on the actual tickets.

By using Tixxy for Sports Associations you save time, money AND you make it easier for spectators to come and support your club’s sports events. In short; a better experience and more revenue. 

Hosting Sport events at no cost due to sponsoring

The Tixxy registration platform offers an easy and quick solution to register attendants or visitors for your event. It provides a clear overview of a...

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A complete and user friendly registration system

Over the past few years Tixxy, the free registration system has been developed by using a lot of real life experience into an end to end and user frie...

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Why to use tickets and scan them for access control

Tixxy recommends the use of actual hardcopy tickets because it increases the experience of your event for the attendants. We will always offer you the...

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Design your own registration form

Not one event is the same. Because of our own experience in organising and hosting events we know this for sure. For that reason you can design the re...

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Easy control of Groups with unique Group module

Our Group module allows you to manage groups easier than ever before. Most registration systems make you submit all attendants one by one. For larger...

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Instant export files of lists of participants

Using the export functionality on the Tixxy platform you can export and download lists of participants from the platform to a CSV file with only a few...

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Entrance and Registration fees directly on your account

Because of our partnership with PayU it is very easy to link your event with this payment provider. The only requirement is that you create a PayU acc...

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API-connections for various software integrations

It is possible to connect Tixxy’s registration platform to services like Mailchimp and Google Analytics. This is being done via so called API connecti...

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Your personal registration platform using Private Label

Your own, personal registration platform. Your own colors, Corporate identity, your own sponsors and your own URL. Using the Private Label of Tixxy yo...

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Direct QR codes linked to your registration page

Each event you create in Tixxy automatically receives a unique QR code that you can use for marketing purposes. Once a person uses the QR code he or s...

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Club cards and season tickets module

If you desire one simple and easy to manage system that gives all types of visitors and spectators access to the events and games that you are hosting...

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